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     Supercharge your customer engagement with conversational AI

    Supercharge your customer
    engagement with conversational AI

    All businesses have one ultimate goal: happy customers.

    Oh, did you say “revenue?” Well, we can all agree that happy customers = more revenue without resorting to Sherlockian deductions. What’s not up for debate is, customer engagement is no longer just customer service. There is now a palpable expectation for quick, convenient, and personalized communication from businesses, and in this day and age, it’s indispensable that you leverage the power of AI to keep pace.

    What is conversational AI?

    By definition, conversational AI refers to chatbots or AI software that your customers can chat with. Unlike traditional rule-based chatbots, they use natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to analyze and interpret user queries in context. This contextual awareness ensures that conversations are understood even when users deviate from an expected flow thus offering them accurate and relevant responses. Additionally, AI assistants learn from each interaction, which means they can predict possible user behavior over time, making conversations delightful and human-like both on text and voice interfaces. 

    How Conversational AI can boost
    your customer engagement game

    Customer engagement can be any activity that supports communicating efficiently so as to build and nurture a fruitful relationship with your customers. A good customer engagement plan will help boost customer loyalty, account for positive word-of-mouth, and ultimately support customer retention. Here are a few ways you can boost customer engagement using Conversational AI.

    Form a meaningful connection

    Conversational AI allows you to understand your customers better by digging deep into their preferences and expectations. Users give out information more readily to conversational assistants as they offer a more personalized and interactive experience. You can further leverage this connection by infusing personality into your chatbot, telling your brand story, and making the messaging more relatable and conversational. Customers remember experiences, so forming a special bond can give you a strong recall value.

    Offer worthwhile interactions

    As opposed to hard-coded chatbots, Conversational AI encourages two-way interactions which are more natural to us. By liberating customers from yes/no choices, you can offer them the scope to ask questions and design fallback messages that guide them back on track instead of sounding like a broken record when they deviate from the flow. It also opens up avenues to automate communication on traditional channels like email and SMS when users reach out. A quick, automated response can make them feel heard while buying you enough time to respond to their specific issue.

    Tailor the perfect brand experience

    In the era of unique social feeds, customers expect personalization. They return to brands that value them. Something as simple as remembering customer names can help you stand out. Conversational AI can use data from an existing knowledge base, internal systems, or previous interactions to conceive personalized experiences. It can parse user preferences from previous purchases, most viewed categories, etc. to recommend suitable solutions. This information can also be valuable for your marketing team to devise targeted campaigns.

    Support quick, objective decision-making

    Speed is the name of the game and self-service is your trump card. Given that your AI assistant is fast and convenient, customers would much rather chat with it than wait for an agent to show up. Reports suggest that users like chatbots since it does not entail waiting in line for their turn or having to scrounge the entire website to find a specific bit of information. A well-designed conversational assistant can give users a sense of autonomy and help them find answers to common queries, suggest suitable products, make quick bookings, and more, seamlessly.

    Be on your customer’s turf

    Omnichannel capabilities will put you where your customers are. While at it, it’s only fair that their experience is consistent and convenient across channels. Operating with a unified inbox, as with Concerto’s AI assistants, allows you to provide the same conversational and hassle-free experience, irrespective of the platform the user chooses. Delving into the analytics will allow you to understand what’s working best for each channel and what could be tweaked, thus helping you improve your solution over time.

    The way forward is Conversational

    The future of customer engagement is in personalized conversational experiences.  Conversational AI helps automate customer interactions at scale with highly personalized customer service resolutions where each conversation feels unique and relevant, leaving a great impression on your prospects and customers. At Concerto AI, we build bespoke conversational solutions for businesses of all sizes. Ready to make a start? Schedule a demo today!

    Sowmya Vasudevan

    Sowmya Vasudevan

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