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    Conversation Modules

    Concerto's AI-powered automated conversation modules are scalable and ready to be deployed rapidly. Most interactions between users and businesses follow a set of patterns. Our AI has identified and captured these dominant patterns to allow for highly flexible and human-like interactions to delight your customers.

    Industry Solutions

    Beauty and Wellness, Dental Practices and Doctors' Offices, Consumer Products Companies

    Omni-channel solutions for delightful voice and text conversations

    Human interactions tend to be considerably different on text and voice interfaces. Concerto's pre-packaged conversation modules are designed to give your customers a delightful native interaction experience on the channel of their choice.

    Industry Solutions

    Beauty and Wellness, Clinics and Doctors, Consumer, Product Companies

    Concerto Answers is an advanced AI-based answering system that is pre-trained with data from several domains to answer questions from both structured and semi-structured data.


    It uses advanced semantic matching of sentence vectors to answer questions and continuously learns from use and feedback.

    Concerto Appointment Scheduler is uniquely designed to offer a highly flexible quality of conversations across multiple channels to book, cancel, or reschedule appointments.


    Unlike IVRs and scripted chatbots that are rigid, users can interact with this module in natural language as if they are engaging in a conversation with a person, resulting in a delightful experience.

    Precious time is lost in responding to missed calls and qualifying leads and enquiries. Concerto call assistant can do this for you 24/7, 365 days a year. It’s a goal-driven module that collects all the necessary information from callers that is required to qualify a lead, saving you precious time and helping you respond faster to critical leads, thus increasing the odds of their conversion. It is uniquely designed for a flexible human-like conversation experience to engage your customers.

    Your customers and prospects don’t usually know which product or service is best suited for their needs. Often, they are confused about similar sounding products or services and would like to know how they are different and which one is right for them.


    Concerto Suggester is designed to understand customer needs and suggest a product or service most suited to their configurable needs. It can be deployed rapidly at scale to assist your customers in making the right choice.

    Selecting a product or a service from a large menu conversationally is difficult, especially if one doesn’t know what's on the menu. Most chatbots force users to navigate an IVR style menu starting at the top to get to what the user wants. Concerto Selector provides an advanced search-like conversational experience so your customers can ask for what they want in flexible ways, instead of traversing rigid, linear, IVR-like paths every single time.

    When customers interact with businesses, the sales and front office staff often play the role of a consultant, guiding customers through various options that may be right for them, based on their specific needs and requirements.


    This module is designed to conversationally play that role. It understands and keeps a tab on customers' preferences and makes recommendations that they would most likely benefit from.

    Engaging customers in conversational quizzes is a great way to educate them about your products and services and make them aware of your offers and promotions. Concerto conversational quizzes and surveys can be created and deployed rapidly on both text and voice channels.

    Engage customers in delightful interactions that are meant to complete common goals like appointment booking, lead collection and qualification, scheduling consultations and demos, applying for a loyalty card, or registering for a warranty.


    This module will guide your users with the right questions and find the shortest way to help them navigate their way through several common business goals. It’s a highly sophisticated, configurable module trained to interact with your customers in a flexible manner, unlike rigid chatbots.

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