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    Insights & analytics

    Get extensive insights from customer conversations to understand how to serve them better. Customer conversations present a treasure trove of information on what they are looking for, how often they transact with your business, or which products or services they prefer.

    Audience metrics

    The elegantly designed dashboard presents a quick view of audience data including the number of users that interact with your business daily, weekly, or monthly and their preferred channels. It also showcases the number of new and existing customers.

    Conversation metrics

    This dashboard gives you a quick insight into the number of conversations during any period such as the number of conversations managed and responded to by the AI, the number of conversations escalated to a human responder, the context of these conversations, commonly asked questions, questions that go unanswered, etc.

    User profiles

    Knowing who your top customers are, how often they visit or interact with your business, and what their preferences are is highly valuable. This information can help you build strategies around retention, rewards, and promotions.

    Data privacy

    Insights and analytics contain information that is of high value to your business. Access controls allow you to decide who in your organization has access to this information. Further, personal customer information is obfuscated on the screen so the identity of your customers is always protected.

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