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    Converse directly with
    millions of your customers

    An AI assistant to help you stay in touch with millions of your customers at scale 24/7, 365 days a year on telephone, messaging channels, and voice assistants. Engage with them, answer their questions, provide product support, attend to service requests, get feedback on products and services, etc. FMCG companies don't have to be two steps removed from their real consumers anymore!

    Pre-Packaged Conversation Modules

    Custom Conversation Flows

    Design custom interactions for premier customers and create unique interaction experience for each process

    Conversational Forms

    Take service requests, qualify leads, help customers register for warranty and check warranty status, log support calls, raise tickets, etc.

    Latest Product Information

    Share rich product information with users. Use image cards to showcase products and services and make information actionable


    Answer consumer queries on products, pricing, services, warranty, availability, store locations, etc.

    Consultations & Suggestions

    Engage with customers and make intelligent recommendations, helping them choose options that are best suited to their needs

    Feedback & Surveys

    Collect valuable feedback from customers through a conversational interaction and get them to participate in your surveys

    Product information

    Help consumers learn more about your products by guiding them through product features and assisting them as they navigate complex product choices.


    Make product suggestions based on their preferences and by understanding their needs. Answer their questions and product-related queries.

    Deals, offers & promotions

    Share the latest deals, seasonal offers, and promotions with your customers. Engage them in promotional activities like contests and quizzes. Sign them up for loyalty programs and help them track the status of their loyalty points. And do a lot more.



    There are over 5 billion text message users globally. Text messages have 95% open rates and over 45% users respond to branded content


    WhatsApp has over 2 billion users globally and over 5M businesses are using WhatsApp to interact directly with their customers

    Facebook Messenger

    Used by a billion users globally, with over 53% saying they are likely to converse with a business on Facebook Messenger


    Never miss a customer call again. Let your AI-based automated telephony assistant respond to all your customers in real time!


    Over 200M Alexa devices are in use globally and over 100K products have Alexa integrated into them

    Google Assistant

    Available on over a billion devices globally, Google Assistant is actively used by over 500M users across devices

    Omni-channel inbox

    Unify all your consumer conversations in one place. Empower your staff to take control of the conversations that need their attention and let the AI bot handle most of the conversations automatically. No matter where your consumers start their conversation, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Telephony, or Instagram, you can engage with them from a central unified inbox.

    Analytics & insights

    Take advantage of our rich and powerful analytics and insights. Your business can benefit from insights on consumer profiles, conversation channels they prefer, how frequently they engage with your brand, their favorite products, most asked questions, most unanswered questions, etc. You can also find information on how many inquiries are being made about each of your products.

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