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    AI Powers Human-Like Conversations

    It takes a lot to make automated conversations human-like. A simple conversation with a business to book an appointment, make an inquiry, apply for a membership, or report a lost card can be carried out in thousands of ways, which is a challenge for hardcoded chat assistants. Concerto's unique AI-powered features lend these automated interactions the conversational flexibility of human-to-human conversations.

    AI-Powered Unique Features

    Pre-Packaged Conversations

    A range of pre-packaged, ready-to-use conversation patterns like question answering, goal-oriented forms, etc.

    Dialog Engine

    A sophisticated orchestration engine that classifies every user utterance to ensure an accurate response

    Context & Personalization

    User context is maintained throughout the conversation journey to let users switch or maintain context seamlessly

    Advanced NLU

    Accurate utterance, intent understanding, and entity extraction to drive human-like conversations

    Domain-Trained Solutions

    Pre-trained models for several domains make it easy to rapidly deploy and drive delightful interactions

    Low or No Code

    No code or low code API integrations result in rapid deployment, faster time to market, reduced overall cost of ownership

    Human Escalation & Handover

    Smart AI can handle most customer conversations and knows when to escalate to a human responder with history

    Multi-Language Support

    Support for over 20 languages including English, Spanish, Hindi, etc.


    Enterprise-grade security and data protection with multi-level access controls and data obfuscation

    Conversation Flexibility

    Highly flexible human-like conversation quality is a result of several advanced AI features such as context switching, goal-driven conversations, and understanding natural language phrases.

    Domain Trained Models

    Pre-trained models for domains drive rapid deployment and high accuracy

    in intent identification and entity extraction






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