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    Delightful employee support 24/7 powered by conversational AI

    Modern workforce constantly communicate with each other on a wide range of enterprise-grade communication tools to stay agile. They expect company services like help desk, HR desk, and employee engagement tools to keep pace with their needs and be available to them all the time.

    Pre-Packaged Conversation Modules

    IT, HR & Other Function Policies

    Be accessible to employees round the clock and effectively address their questions on policies and applicability

    IT, HR & Support Help Desk

    Help employees raise tickets related to pay slips, new software, claim reimbursement, etc. form anywhere and track their status

    Employee Workflows

    Provide self-service workflows for a range of employee services from leave application, password resets to benefits enrollment

    Employee Surveys

    Get employees to participate in surveys through a conversational interaction on their favorite team communication tools

    Employee Engagement

    Engage with employees using a wide range of quizzes, surveys, contests, and employee announcements

    Employee Onboarding

    Onboard new employees through a conversational interface that ensures a friendly experience

    Custom workflows

    Create and deploy a range of custom workflows to address employee needs on diverse enterprise services such as leave application, benefits enrolment, IT service requests, tax form requisition, employee feedback forms, etc.

    Deep Q&A

    Precious time of HR executives and IT support teams is lost in answering common questions on a range of topics. Most of these are lost in private emails, serving no value to other employees with similar questions. AI-based deep Q&A can find relevant, up-to-date answers from large knowledge bases of similar questions helping to improve AI algorithms that constantly learn from employee queries, thus creating a vast information pool.



    There are over 5 billion text messages users globally. Text messages have 95% open rates and over 45% users respond to branded content


    Slack is used by millions of businesses to connect and communicate - Rapidly deploy a slack support bot for your group


    Email is the dominant asynchronous channel in use today - Rapidly deploy an email support bot for your function


    Never miss a customer call again. Let your AI-based automated telephony assistant respond to all your customers


    Over 100M Alexa devices have been bought globally and over 100K products have Alexa integrated into them

    Microsoft Teams

    Teams is used by millions of businesses to connect and communicate - Rapidly deploy a Teams support bot for your group

    Omni-channel inbox

    Unify all your support desk conversations in one place. Free up your staff to attend to conversations that need their attention and let the AI bot handle most of the conversations automatically. No matter where your users start the conversation, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Telephony, or Instagram, you can engage with them from a central unified inbox.

    Analytics & insights

    Take advantage of our rich and powerful analytics and insights. Your function can benefit from insights on user profiles, most preferred conversation channels for your users, how frequently they engage with the bot, the number of issues successfully resolved by the bot, how satisfied your users are with the bot, etc. You can also find information on the number of tickets created using the bot, the questions that are top of mind for your users, etc.