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     How a retail pioneer simplified access to better opportunities

    conversation modules


    Customer: Fortune 10 company, philanthropy chapter

    Industry: Retail

    Location: USA

    How a retail pioneer simplified
    access to better opportunities

    As a business dedicated to making everyday life easy for millions, this retail organization cares deeply about the community. In its effort to build an inclusive, harmonious, and sustainable world, it has designed many outreach programs over the years for which it contributes more than a billion dollars annually. All its open programs are listed on the corporate website, making it a valuable resource, but the sheer volume of information has led to endless navigational woes.

    By introducing Concerto Conversational Assistant, the organization was able to ease information finding for grant seekers. Concerto’s pre-packaged conversational modules including the advanced Concerto Suggester, not only streamlined information but successfully matched seekers with programs most relevant to them, thus ensuring the organization’s philanthropic efforts were accessible to deserving candidates.

    Paying heed to user needs

    Grant seekers have tons of questions in mind while searching for suitable programs: eligibility criteria, application process, important dates, and more. Reading through many pages' worth of data to find relevant information can be overwhelming.

    For the retail major, serving the greater good means business, so it wanted to make this process as hassle-free as possible for all its users, ranging from students, local community groups, non-profit organizations, employees, suppliers, and the media.

    How Concerto Assistant streamlined
    information dispersal with AI

    With the goal of minimizing the user effort required to find relevant programs, the data was structured into categories based on content type. The AI was then fed with thousands of sample queries to train it for multi-turn conversations. Users could either ask full questions or simply input keywords to be redirected to documents with relevant information.

    Concerto Search helped parse structured and unstructured data, while Concerto Suggester linked user types to predefined categories to make suitable recommendations.

    Armed with NLP, the AI assistant is contextually aware and has the capability to understand different query types, so although responses are framed with quick links to related content, users can always type out a different question to clear up any doubts they may have.

    Connecting deserving candidates
    with better opportunities

    Deployed on the foundation’s common queries page, Concerto Conversational Assistant was an instant hit. Every couple of months, it handles over 2400 queries catering to upwards of 200 unique users, with a significant drop in the time taken to redirect users to relevant pages.

    Moreover, the conversational nature of the interaction meant users asked questions without hesitation, often rating the experience as very helpful. The internal staff got great feedback from different teams on how easy it was to navigate through different programs and find information. They also speak for the larger country-wide audience. Thrilled by the great results, the company is considering expanding this solution to Facebook Messenger and introducing Concerto’s conversational solutions to its other products.

    “Wow, the look and feel of your bot was great!
    I have received a lot of positive feedback and excitement from our team.”

    Fortune 10 company CSR Manager
    Sowmya Vasudevan

    Sowmya Vasudevan

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