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     How a Vancouver spa generates $14000+ revenue every month…

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    Customer: Premiere Salon

    Industry: Beauty & Wellness

    Location: Vancouver, Canada

    How a Vancouver spa generates $14000+
    revenue every month with a Smart Assistant
    from Concerto

    Marrying the rich tradition of eastern healing therapies with the quiet sophistication of western techniques, this award-winning Thai spa is creating a world of wellness in Vancouver. It was established in 2015 with a simple aspiration — to improve people’s lives with a healing touch. Having since expanded to 8 locations across the city, it is determined not to be reduced to one of the many chain spas. To stand out, it hopes to provide the best service while holding to its signature grace and style. For this, it wanted to ensure 24/7 availability and all the support its staff would need during work hours.

    Enter Concerto SmartAssistant with domain-specific expertise and a delightful human-like air. It answered the myriad questions of the spa's swelling clientele and shared location-specific info. It also helped them book appointments with their preferred therapists at their convenience. The staff no longer had to take up routine, repetitive tasks, thus able to guide the guests better. Vancouverites embraced the chatbot that served them warmly. Adding to the spa’s user-friendly appeal, it has produced promising results from the very first month.

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    Enhancing the wellness
    experience with tech

    Going to a spa is all about peace and comfort. This much-loved Thai spa wanted to help its guests feel the downtime before they even stepped foot in one of its locations. For this, it turned to technology.

    Concerto SmartAssistant comes with prepackaged conversational modules that are trained for the wellness domain. It works as a plug-and-play solution, so to start off, messages were only tweaked for branding. Designed to integrate with existing management software, the spa could put the bot to use at once.

    For customers, this meant, they didn’t have to wait for working hours. They could look through the services, book appointments, and learn about the spa’s facilities without hassle. Relevant answers were a conversation away. And conversations were available round the clock.

    The work experience improved greatly for the spa staff as well. The collaboration with Concerto SmartAssistant ensured that much of the website traffic was handled then and there. Instead of driving users to ring up for simple FAQs and tasks like booking or rescheduling an appointment, it helped them do it themselves. This allowed the staff to provide more focused attention to visiting guests.

    That’s not all. The chatbot optimized some pesky routine tasks, saving time and effort. It dramatically reduced the number of after-hours bookings the spa received in its voicemail, which the staff used to later confirm and register. Also, full automation of reminders via SMS and email meant they no longer had to call up customers about upcoming appointments.

    Designing a virtual assistant
    that embodies the brand

    While roping in technology to optimize processes, the Vancouver spa was determined not to sound like a robot. Known for its gentle, pleasant demeanor, retaining the familiarity of human interactions was a must. Working closely with the spa’s communication specialists, we designed the chatbot to reflect its values. It embodied the elegance of the staff and spoke the language its customers had come to expect and love.

    Further, Concerto’s domain-specific knowledge and capabilities gave it the edge. With the basics taken care of, the team could pour themselves over the conversational nitty gritty. To match the brand's tone, synonyms derived from actual customer-staff conversations were added. The Concerto Answers module made sure that questions didn't go unanswered, no matter how they were phrased. Our robust scheduling system, powered by Concerto Goal Oriented Conversations, helped users complete tasks following an engaging step-by-step process.

    Once the solution was deployed, we collaborated with the team to study user patterns and identify areas for improvement. Based on the analysis we worked to enhance the overall conversational experience.

    What’s more, the multilocation feature was very handy to put up a similar experience across locations. Also, by deploying the solution on the web and SMS, the spa could seamlessly connect with its customers on its key channels.

    A conversational spa booking
    experience that delivers

    With a 24/7 front desk, the spa saw great results within the first few weeks. It now generates $14000+ revenue every month by facilitating over 150 bookings. The staff is able to pay more attention to visiting guests and contribute in more meaningful ways. With the bot engaging about 1500 customers, the spa has saved 25+ working hours on routine tasks.

    Customers too welcomed Concerto SmartAssistant with open arms. The bot answers 3000+ questions every month where the average conversation goes for at least 10 question-answer turns.

    The award-winning Thai spa is thrilled with the results. Expansion to other channels and the addition of modules to achieve more value are in the works. It is excited about future possibilities driven by the power of AI and hopes to create the most relaxing spa experience for all its customers.

    Sowmya Vasudevan

    Sowmya Vasudevan

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