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     How MYK Laticrete personalized product recommendations…
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    Customer: MYK Laticrete

    Industry: Specialty Chemicals

    Location: Hyderabad, India

    How MYK Laticrete personalized product
    recommendations for its customers & prospects

    Think of the last time you walked into a building materials retail store. Did the shop assistant give you a walking tour as you strained to browse through the products? Most likely not. While they might have had tons of products, the first thing the representative would have done is enquire about your requirements. So, you outline your problem. Then they ask you questions to get to the specifics. So you give out more details. It’s not hey, here are all our products, take your pick! It's a give and take of relevant information. It’s a conversation.

    MYK Laticrete wanted to re-create this extraordinarily human exchange on its digital platforms.

    As a leading tile and stone installation solutions company, MYK Laticrete knows that its customers count on it not only for the products but its expertise. Having poured years of effort into R&D, every solution it offers is based on empirical findings. With the help of Concerto AI, the company was able to build a robust recommendation portal that condensed this knowledge to provide solutions to distinct user concerns.

    Creating efficiencies and improving
    customer experience with conversations

    At the MYK Laticrete contact center, there are dozens of representatives attending to customer calls continually, addressing issues ranging from product queries to sharing dealer contact and recording feedback. But despite their best efforts, at any given time, there were at least 4 customers on the line, waiting for their turn. And some callers simply dropped off, perhaps never to call again.

    The customer care team realized this was untenable for the representatives and for the impression it would leave on the company’s valuable prospects. While the website lists all products, bucketing them under intuitive sections, customers still preferred talking to an expert. Scouring through product categories can be overwhelming, especially so, while dealing with specialty chemicals. Aware of this explicit user concern the team brainstormed for possibilities and arrived at a clear vision for its solution: to retain a human touch in the tech-saturated world of infinite scrolls.

    Employing intuitive interactions
    for easy product and solution discovery

    For MYK Laticrete, digital transformation is about reaching customers where they are most comfortable. A detailed customer journey mapping revealed that its website was the go-to for most prospects. And that WhatsApp could soon be the big differentiator to drive personalized service offerings among diverse customer groups. With Concerto’s Pre-Packaged Conversation Modules the company decided to build a solution that could easily be optimized both for its website & WhatsApp.

    To put together customer service, product recommendation, and lead generation into a single solution, this stone and tile installations pioneer sought a number of Concerto solutions. The Goal-Oriented Conversations module guided users by asking contextual questions to find products. And Concerto Suggester was tailored by creating a comprehensive product catalog in the back end that mapped varied tile and stone problems with appropriate solutions and products.

    By enabling product recommendations via chat, they emulated the personalized store experience on the website. Moreover, using conversations instead of impersonal forms to collect requirements introduced an additional layer of empathy that resulted in higher engagement.

    What’s more, Concerto Conversational Assistant answers any product or business related query and captures leads efficiently using relevant filters. The details of sales leads and end-users are then routed only to the respective teams in an easy-to-use format. This helped cut down back and forth between teams across regions. The powerful analytics provide insights on the most popular products, common user queries, unanswered questions and more, helping the company make informed business decisions. Using these insights, teams also updated the content real-time to manage popular user requests and concerns.

    Excited by the diverse possibilities of AI, MYK Laticrete came forth with more asks. Working together, we implemented search within the chat window, introduced video responses for product queries, and added functionalities such as feedback, complaints, etc. Thus the conversational assistant was customized to do everything the representatives did, sans time constraints or wait time.

    Reaching more customers
    with innovative tools

    You could employ the most futuristic technology, or come up with the best strategy to sell, but if you fail to strike a chord with your customers, everything falls flat. Only one way to know if your efforts have paid off: hard numbers. Within a couple of months of implementation, MYK Laticrete has seen close to 2000 unique interactions with the Concerto Conversational Assistant. Every month it guides nearly 180 users through product queries to successfully recommend products and generates 250+ leads enquiring about products for purchasing.

    Data from a sample set of user logs of over the last 30 days, approx. 1000 queries

    That’s not all. Of the 5135 queries thrown at it, the conversational assistant showed an excellent resolution rate of 95%.

    With Concerto, MYK Laticrete was able to carry through it’s vision of being a people-first business. Its employees appreciate the opportunity to do more meaningful work while the customers now interact digitally with the company like never before.

    MYK Laticrete AVP

    “In Concerto we found a great solution to directly engage with our end customers using the latest in digital and AI technologies. We have ambitious plans to improve our engagement with our distributors and sales partners, along with the integration of these capabilities with our enterprise systems and Concerto’s platform gives us a powerful, scalable and flexible platform to support these digital transformation objectives”

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      Sowmya Vasudevan