Answer Bot Technology

Many users are expecting easier access to information through more natural interfaces. Question answering is a growing trend compared to traditional search paradigms. Consumer experience in voice search and question answering through social QA is translating to the enterprise as well. Within an enterprise, in functions like HR and Sales, many users have the need to find answers to everyday questions. Today’s enterprise search systems have not kept pace with the advances in AI and machine learning that enable much more complex question answering capabilities.

Our answer bot technology is a platform to build applications that lets users find answers from structured and unstructured databases, by asking questions in natural language. The AI gets better as it learns from user queries enabling it to answer a wider range of questions. The answer bot can also send users questions to other experts and keep track of answers from them for future reference to similar questions from other users. Thus, the system can serve as a single point of contact for all questions in a specific domain. It provides the ability to ask in natural language and ability to assimilate knowledge from various sources including other experts. Unlike systems that provide pre-built answers to limited questions, our technology handles free form questions from a domain and can be customized to handle information inside the enterprise.